I am Arvind Kelkar, retired, presently living in Pune, India.

I started my working career with IBM in 1960 after graduating from VJTI in Mumbai. I worked in IBM till 1978 and was the Branch Customer Engineering Manager of Delhi Branch. I worked in Delhi till 1997 with three of my colleagues from IBM in our company, TSG Consultants Ltd. I shifted to Pune and worked for a year in IBM before joining Siemens Information Systems Ltd. I worked as a consultant doing proposal and project reviews and project risk management for the company till 2005.

After a brief stint of two years spent in managing web content for a semiconductor applications website, I have now retired.

My current interests are computers, software and movies. I have been into DivX recording from year 2000 and have a large collection of recorded TV programs. My current interests are getting maximum performance from my newly acquired HDTV and HD Satellite set-top box.

This blog is to share my experience of using computers and other interesting technical items.

Your comments are Welcome.

arvind kelkar
http://kelkarfamily.wordpress.com/ and https://dnyankosh.wordpress.com/


2 thoughts on “About

    1. flowerofsun Post author

      Hi Arvind,
      Thanks for your comments.
      We meet again. Remember, I had contacted you longtime back when some of my mail was sent to you by mistake because of similar names and you had so graciously forwarded it to me.
      Hope you are doing well. I have been following your blog Daytripper from time to time.
      You may find my other blog of some interest too. http://kelkarfamily.wordpress.com/
      Take Care..


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