Monthly Archives: July 2016

Why I Love Computers

My attitude to computer technology is that keeping current with it is not only entertaining, it seems to be a useful way of spending time on the internet as compared to other social and political activities.

It is also a very good exercise for the brain to make the effort to understand, assimilate and discover new knowledge.

To have a perfectly running computer requires planning and a disciplined approach to use it, upgrade it and discover many new exciting things of doing things in the process.

All this requires effort and a cultivated interest. It also requires you to be more tolerant to change and accept limitations. It also helps you to accept other peoples opinions and comments a little more humbly.

As we grow old we all go through this process of learning how to accept the changing world around us.

My experience is that keeping current with technology helps me develop a more tolerant attitude to life.

After all you cannot get angry with you computer for misbehaving. You have to learn how to fix it or live with it.

Isn’t what this life is about?