Resources and Tips

  • The Microsoft Windows Support site has an immense amount of information on using Windows 8. Click Here to Access This Site.. . .
  • Paul Thurrott’s Windows Supersite has the latest news and information about using Windows 8. You can search the site to find solutions.
  • Paul Thurrott has written an excellent book on Windows 8. This book is available in eBook format – PDF, Mobi (Kindle) and ePub (iPad).
    It costs only  USD 2 with all future updates free. It can be purchased Here. . .  (Highly Recommended)
  • Microsoft Community is website where you can get answers to your questions about Windows 8 from other users. You can also browse other peoples questions and answers.
  • Internet Explorer 11
    Windows 8.1 had two versions of this browser. The Modern Version started from the Start Screen works like the full screen Modern Environment.
    The tutorial on How To Use is Here… This version of the browser has a great READING View to articles on web pages without all the distracting items.
    You can also PIN sites to the Start Screen.

    The other version of the browser is started from the desktop and works exactly like the earlier version of Internet Explorer. You can PIN sites to the Taskbar.

  • These are some of the useful Apps from the Store you can download.
    * Adobe Photoshop Express : For Simple but Effective Editing of Photos
    * Adobe Reader Touch : Modern Version of Desktop Adobe Reader
    * Asparion Clock : For Live Clock Information on Start Screen
    * Fiction Book Reader : To Read eBooks in ePUB and MOBI Format
    * HDFC Bank : Netbanking Application
    * Megatube : YouTube downloader
    * News Bento : News Aggregator & Reader
    * OneNote : Excellent for taking notes and saving Reading View webpages

    The main page of the Store has Collections of useful Apps grouped together by categories for easy download.

  • Some Useful Programs to Download and install on the Desktop

    * 7-Zip : All purpose open source program to manage compressed files.
    * VLC Player : All Purpose program to play Video files of any format.
    * Calibre : Program to Manage eBooks.
    * CCleaner : All purpose computer cleaner.
    * DVDVideoSoft Studio : A collections of program to manage Video and Audio files
    * Evernote : Another note taking program.
    * NoteTab : A HTML and plain text editor. Useful for making simple Web Pages.
    * TreeSize Free : View Folders and File sizes on Hard disk

    * Windows Secrets : A useful news letter full of news and tips plus Windows Forum Access

    * Windows Essentials : A collection of programs for Mail, Live Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and One Drive

  • Language Support: You can add additional language support to your Windows installation.

    Just go to Control Panel Home and select Add Language


    Select Add Language and add the Language required. Here Marathi has been added as additional language.


    To activate a language in a Text Entry Program like Word, Press clip_image002 + SPACE BAR and select the language.  Press clip_image002[4] + U to display the language keyboard on the screen. Redo these steps to go back to the original language.



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