Keyboard Shortcuts

Usually in Windows there are more than one way of doing things. You can use a mouse or touch to select items or initiate action.  

You can also use Keyboard shortcuts, combinations of two or more keys to perform a task instead of a mouse or touch. Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to work with your PC, saving you time and effort as you work with Windows and other apps.

Most apps also provide accelerator keys that can make it easier to work with menus and other commands. Check the menus of apps for accelerator keys. If a letter of a word is underlined in a menu, it usually means you can press the Alt key and the underlined key together instead of clicking that menu item. When you’re using a touch keyboard, you can also see some shortcuts when you press the Ctrl key.

Pressing the Alt key in some apps, such as Paint and WordPad, shows commands that are labeled with additional keys that you can press to use them.

An exhaustive list of Keyboard shortcuts is available in the Windows Help documentation at


These are Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts activated by pressing Windows Logo Keyclip_image002 together with a Letter Key

Press This

To Do This


Switch between Start Screen and Desktop

clip_image002 + B Show Task Bar
clip_image002 + C  Open Charms
clip_image002 + D Open Desktop
clip_image002 + E Open File Explorer
clip_image002 + F Search For Files
clip_image002 + H Open Share Charm
clip_image002 + I  Open Application Settings for Apps
clip_image002 + K Open Devices Charm
clip_image002 + L Lock Computer
 clip_image002 + M Minimize All Windows on Desktop
clip_image002 + P Switch Monitors / Projection Devices
clip_image002 + Q Open Search Charm
clip_image002 + R RUN Command
clip_image002 + S Open Search Charm
clip_image002 + T Cycle through Task Bar items
clip_image002 + U Open Quick / Ease of Access Items
clip_image002 + W Open Setting Search Charm
clip_image002 + X  Open Power User Menu to Access Advance Options
clip_image002 + Z Open App Bar for Metro Apps
clip_image002 + + Zoom In
clip_image002 +  – Zoom Out
clip_image002 +  > Snap App to Right
clip_image002 + < Snap App to Left
clip_image002 + TAB Cycle through through Open Apps
clip_image002 + L Switch Users through the Lock Screen


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