Windows 7 Launch Party

Finally it’s done. After a hectic couple of weeks of installing Windows 7, understanding it and preparing for the launch party it’s done. Quite a relief. Windows 7 works! No glitches, no BSODs or whatever. Just ticks along smoothly, fresh as ever.

Eight out of eleven invitees turned up for the party. Not a bad hit ratio considering how much follow-up I did. The Tea and Snacks were wonderful, thanks to my wife. Amongst the guests there was one Prof. of Physics and a writer, one Air Marshall of IAF, one former IBM Marketing executive, one who used sell aircraft engines, two financial consultants, one former MD of a large IT company and one running an IT support company.

All are PCs. No Macs!

I first explained the background and concept of the Windows 7 launch party. The party organisers had suggested four themes for the party.


Family Friendly Fun Theme Topics

* Windows Live Movie Maker – Auto Movie, Titles and Captions and Effects etc.
  * Set Computer Time Limits and Game Limits – User and Parent Accounts
  * Importing Photos from Camera – Using Windows 7 and Photo Gallery
  * HomeGroup Networking – Share Music, Movies and Documents


Photo Palooza Theme Topics

* Add Art to Photos using Windows Paint
* Edit your Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery
* Create a Panorama with Make Panorama feature of Photo Gallery


Media Mania Theme Topics

* Create a Playlist in Windows Media Center
  * Record TV shows on computer
  * Touch Screen – Using Touch features with Windows Media Center
  * Play To Feature – Stream your media to devices connected to your network

W7Party-Settingup with Ease

Setting Up With Ease theme Topics

* Windows Help and How-To
  * Windows 7 Search and Task Bar
  * Custom Desktop
  * Snap, Shake and Peek
  * Web Slice and Accelerators

Instead of keeping to only one theme as suggested by the party organisers, I decided to cover all points in my presentation.

As an opening point of interest I had collected a set of interesting videos of Kylie TV Ads for Windows 7. These were packaged into a Movie with the help of Windows Live Movie Maker. The initial introduction and the theme pictures as well as all subsequent segments were also packaged into separate movies. These movies were played automatically in sequence by a Batch File. This allowed me to pause after each segment to answer any questions. (The 25 year old DOS Batch File still lives in Windows 7)

This was the complete presentation sequence.

Name Contents
1. Introduction and Party Themes. As described above
2. Sample TV Ads Watch the Kylie Videos Here.
3. Windows Tour Find out What’s New and Different
4. Getting Around the Desktop Learn how to use the new desktop. You can also download a guide here.
5. Personalising your PC Learn how to change your desktop settings. You can also download a guide here.
6. Finding your Files Learn how to use the new search function to find your files. You can also download a guide here.
7. Additional Programs Etc. This PowerPoint presentation covered Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Live Essentials, Windows Live ID and links to additional free programs  you can install on your Windows 7 machine. These details are available elsewhere on this blog as a list.
8. It’s My Idea A series of Ads on windows 7
Sponsored Windows Video Channel on YouTube.

Some Photos of my party.


Thanks to all my invitees for coming to my Windows 7 Launch Party to make it so memorable.

And also Thanks to Microsoft for the Special Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Now Enjoy a small movie made with Windows Live Movie Maker. I think it illustrates the Art of Movie making more that the facilities of the WLMM.

Sample Movie prepared with Windows Live Movie Maker


4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Launch Party

  1. Unknown

    Hi Arvind,Brilliant! I have been using Windows 7 RC for the last sveral months now, and it lives up to all (well, almost) my expectations. I found a few glitches with Nero displays on Windows 7, but that is probably the RC version. I’ll soon find out as soon as I receive my Ultimate version. Just one question; if you were planning to do a clean install, why didn’t you remove your Vista first, in stead of installing over it?Cheers, Sunny

  2. Arvind

    I used to do that in the XP days since the cleanup was not very good. With Vista I found the disk cleanup and the installation process itself is very good. It does not keep any trace of the previous installation. All old files are put in OLD WINDOWS folder which I delete immediately after the installation with Disk cleanup. Frees up more than 10GB of space. Another advantage is that all network settings are preserved. Having taken Ghost images helps.

  3. Arvind

    The TV is connected through a PC-VGA to TV cable. Wait till I get my DVI on the NVIDIA GForce 8400 GS Card to HDMI on TV cable. Then the display will be even more Fabulous!


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